API Overview

Blueshift supports multiple ways of sending user & event data, including a 1-click integration with, and Tealium. The API is based on REST/JSON and authenticated with your api key. You may use this API to send interaction-stream, user information or your item catalog.

You may obtain your API keys by:


Depending on your implementation, you may send events to Blueshift via a couple of different integration options: Blueshift has partnered with to make it easy to integrate and supports both backend/mobile and Javascript integration with Segment

Javascript: You may use Blueshift’s Javascript tags to send events from your website. The Javascript tags are easy to integrate via a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager or Adobe Tag Manager if you already have your data layer populated with the right attributes.

Server-side API: You may use the server-side API described in this document to send low-volume events from your web-server.

Bulk API: You can use the bulk API to send up to 100 events at a time. This is useful if you are archiving events already in your data warehouse.

Mobile SDK: You may use Blueshift’s mobile SDK for sending events via your iOS or Android app. Blueshift Mobile SDK is currently in beta.

CSV files: (coming soon) You may send events to Blueshift via a CSV dump in S3/FTP.

API Overview